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On November 10, a day before World Usability Day main event, two interactive workshops on usability testing and prototyping will take place. The trainer is Hegle Sarapuu, experienced interaction designer, who has given usability trainings to hundreds of people. The length of one workshop is 0,5 days and the maximum group size is 8 people. The trainings are in Estonian.

In addition, in the afternoon of November 11, a training on designing mobile interactions will be held by Ilya Shmorgun and Tallinn University interaction design professor David Lamas.

[New 21.10]: On November 11, event sponsor interUX will hold a tutorial in Russian on the topic of e-commerce usability. For details, see the info at interUX web site.

Usability testing

End result: participant of this workshop is capable of planning and conducting tasks to understand the quality of the product and finding improvements in most effective way. Typical target audience: designers, testers, project managers, product managers.


  1. The benefits and possible results of usability testing
  2. Different goals and possibilities
  3. End-user involvement, privacy issues
  4. Preparing for the test
  5. Conducting the test
  6. Analyzing results


Typical target audience: designers, analytics, architects.


  1. Why and when it is good to use prototyping
  2. Prototyping in development process
  3. Levels of prototypes, different possibilities of creating a prototype
  4. How to create specification-level prototype
  5. How to evaluate and test prototype
  6. When it is wise to stop prototyping

Designing mobile interactions

As a result of this training, participants are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of mobile development. Participants are able to structure their ideas for mobile applications and work on the initial stages of the design process.

The purpose of the training is to provide an overview of:

  1. Unique features of mobile interactions
  2. The ways in which people interact with mobile devices
  3. The concept mapping technique and using it to support design processes
  4. Creating sketches of the mobile application user interface and linking them in a storyboard
  5. Creating mobile prototypes

Schedule and registration

  • Note: the usability testing and prototyping workshops are in Estonian, mobile interactions workshop partially in Estonian and partially in English.
  • Usability testing workshop will take place on November 10, 9:00-12:30.
  • Prototyping workshop will take place on November 10, 13:30-17:00.
  • Designing mobile interactions workshop will take place on November 11, 14:00-17:00.
  • The location for the workshops is Tallinn University (Narva mnt 25), room T201.
  • The price for one training is 149 € + VAT per person. When registering for both usability testing and prototyping workshops at the same time, the price is 249 € + VAT per person.
  • To register, please send an e-mail to ander.tenno@trinidad.ee with participant’s name(s) and the details of the organization paying the invoice.
  • For additional info, please contact Ander Tenno (ander.tenno@trinidad.ee,
    +372 526 3652).